Legal consulting services
On the territory of the Russian Federation the circulation of medicines, medical purpose products and medical equipment are controlled by numerous legislative and standard acts.

Our specialists will help you to make sense of the legislative sector, provide legal assistance on any issues, organize everyday legal work and will provide practical guidance in solving different problem situations.

All legal fields are constantly undergoing different changes which can be unknown to people having little to do with jurisprudence. But ignorance of the law doesn’t exempt from consequences caused by legally unpromising decisions. Proficiency of our lawyers makes it possible for us to provide consulting services going beyond the scope of medicines and medical purpose products since business activity inevitably leads to the emergence of various legal aspects that often have no direct connection with the company business. Any dynamically developing enterprise despite its patterns of ownership and activity from time to time needs professional legal assistance.

Limited Liability Company "Center for the Implementation of Medical Technologies "FEDERAL" experts are very successful in solving the following legal tasks:

- consulting support on the issues of different legal aspects;

- representing the Customer’s interests in state and municipal administration;

- legal support in creating, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, their branches and representative offices including preparing and change of constituent documents;

- expertise of legal documents, analysis and development of contractual basis adjustment of contractual disputes;

- preparing documents to protect the Customer’s infringed rights in the court or other instances, as well as representation on the Customer’s behalf in pre-trial and trial dispute settlement.

In their daily work our experts analyze numerous different and tangle situations, define ways of optimal decisions by giving the Customers an effective tool to solve their current problems. Legal support provided by Limited Liability Company "Center for the Implementation of Medical Technologies "FEDERAL" is based on individual approach to every Customer. We base our work on the principles of expertise, efficiency and high quality.

Before the beginning of work we prepare a mutual legal and accounting official letter based on the Customer’s documentation in which we assess the situation and suggest alternative ways of troubleshooting.