Limited Liability Company "Center for the Implementation of Medical Technologies "FEDERAL" provides consulting and outsourcing services applicable to marketing research and forecasting of health care products, accounting record-keeping along with legal support and regulation.

The company was founded in 2004, during this time we have reached a high level of competition due to talent, professional qualities and drive for perfection of the team of associates. We have thoroughly examined production and selling sector of pharmaceutical and health care products and we thoroughly understand the complex specificity of the business which makes our company unique.

The main principles of 
Limited Liability Company "Center for the Implementation of Medical Technologies "FEDERAL" operation are the following:

EXPERTIZE- instant reaction to any swift changing market conditions along with maturity and thorough analysis of current tendencies. Strategy and forms of work are constantly updated and we spare no means or efforts directed towards improvement of professional qualification of our experts.

TEAM SPIRIT – it is our strong conviction that effective work may be carried out by well trained, dynamic, well coordinated team of highly skilled professionals united by similar values and endeavors.

HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY – we don’t give hollow promises, we inform about possible challenges in advance thus we provide assistance in solving these challenges for successful project close out.

PEER PARTNER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CUSTOMER – knowledge and experience of our experts guarantee your success which would mean our success as well. We don’t nominally fulfill target specification conditions but we take an active part in assigning a task and offering its different solutions.